Best Liquid Eyeliner

28 May


Liquid eyeliner seems to be a mystery and one of the most difficult techniques for most women to apply. For those of you with a steady hand, that have mastered liquid eyeliner, good job! For the rest of you, this eyeliner might make attempting the sultry cat-eye look a little easier.

It is by Prestige, and can be found in many drugstores such as Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Target & Walmart.


In my last blog post, the “Copper Cat-Eye” I used this liquid eyeliner.


It is cheap, easy to find at the drugstore, and lasts a really long time. It comes in a variety of colors, but the best ones to buy are black and brown.

The shape of the brush tip is stiff, and comes to the perfect point enabling you to make a thin or thick line. Shake the bottle with the cap screwed closed before opening to get the liquid eyeliner on the brush tip.

As an everyday look, so that the liquid eyeliner isn’t so intense and fake looking, I only apply it to the top lash line on the outer corners only, tapering off towards the middle of my eyelid.

I always start on the eyelid, and do the extended “cat wing” last. Starting at the outer point, making it very thin, and connecting it to the liner that is already on my eyelid. In the photos below I’m using the Brown eyeliner, but you can also use the black one for a more dramatic look, or if your hair is dark brown or black.



This eyeliner is not waterproof, so no crying, tearing up, or swimming when wearing this one! But what is great about this eyeliner is that it is the easiest one I have found to apply, is affordable so you could buy more than one color, and it will last you a very long time, even if used everyday.


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