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Organizing: How I Fold Tank Tops

4 Jul


How to Organize your Tank Tops in a Drawer.

I did a previous post about how to fold your t-shirts to fit in a drawer neatly so that you can see all of them at one time, so now I wanted to show you how I organize my tank tops. I used to fold them into squares, then stack them on top of each other, like I’m sure most of you do. I never knew what tank tops I had, and the drawer ended up looking like a mess as soon as I grabbed one out of it. Then I thought that the better solution was to hang them in my walk in closet. But I realized it was taking up way too much room in my closet and would be better off if I could find a better way to store them neatly in a drawer. I did a lot of research on google and found the perfect solution! I want to share with you my tank top drawer and how to fold them so they look all pretty. You can even sort them by color and style, which gives that store quality feel to your drawer! I’m no perfectionist, and I’m definately not the neatest folder in the world, but this method looks good even if it isn’t perfect, which is perfect for me. I even roll up my fiance’s tank tops like this in his drawer.

I like to be able to see them all at one time, and keep them in order. This method makes it so incredibly easy to find what I’m looking for. It’s also super easy and fast to fold them like this and put them away. It’s also nice to just grab them out of the drawer and pack them in a suitcase this way as well.

Here is how I do it:

Lay the tank top out flat.

Fold in half.

Fold down the top of the tank to hide the straps.

Begin rolling from the top, rolling over the folded down straps.

Keep rolling all the way…

So that you get a neatly rolled tank top, with the straps nicely tucked into the role.

Place the nicely rolled up tank top into the drawer, organizing by style and by color.

Great idea, right?!


Sunset Blonde


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